Monaco Towers

The Monaco Towers Project consists of a shopping centre and residential space including the basement car parking in Berceni Area, Sector 4 of Bucharest (Sos. Berceni nr. 96)

The complex comprises of a group of two residential towers (304 apartments) sitting over an integrated body of two floors of parking and two floors of retail on a 7,452 m² land. Height of the complex is  2S + P + M + 20F (+ Technical Floor) = 75 m.

Gross floor area of  each tower is 869.9 m², and the detailed area information is as follows: Total gross area including basement floors is 57223 m²; where the gross area above grade levels is aprox. 42938 m².


Location: Bucharest, Romania
Type: Residential & Shopping Mall
Surface: 57,223 m²
Year: 2009


  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Claims Management
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