Deroni Factory

Deroni grain factory is located in the south part of Bucharest (Berceni), close to the ring road. When the project is initiated, Deroni was performing its activities in an existing building located in an old industrial center. Without interrupting the production in the factory, our team provided Construction Management and Cost Management services including the followings:

  • Preparation of Structural Expertise Report;
  • Renovation of existing building without affecting the on-going activities of the factory (approx. 7,500 m²);
  • Design preparation for the new extension (1,600 m²);
  • Setting up procurement strategies;
  • Preparation and dividing the construction works into the packages;
  • Managing entire construction process;
  • Cost management services.



Location: Bucharest, Romania
Type: Grain Depositing & Packing
Surface: 7,500 m²
Year: 2009

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