Casino Unirii

The Casino Unirii is located in the vicinity of The House of Parliament one of the major buildings in Bucharest, in the Centre of the City. Also, the Old City Centre is close to the location of the Casino (construction of the buildings in this area started in the 15th century).

The building where the Casino is located was constructed in the 1980s, as part of a large residential and office area with shops and cafeterias at the ground floor. Subway, bus and tram stations are quite close to building and can be used easily to reach the Casino.

Casino is situated at the mezzanine floor with access through two spiral stairs which will be replaced with new rectangular stairs and lifts. At the back of the building, there are three secondary entrances with stairs connected to the basement area. Entire rented area is approximately 1,400 m2 at the mezzanine, without entrance areas in ground floor (overall area is over 2,000 m2).

Suspended ceilings designed to create an exciting casino atmosphere with special lighting effects. Carpet covered raised floor is projected for the entire area. Attached perspectives prepared by Principal will help you to imagine the Casino’s atmosphere.

As per the Heating and Ventilation, a projected VRV system will be available with addition to the radiators. Three balconies have been identified as possible location for exterior units of the VRV equipments.



Location: Bucharest, Romania
Type: Slot Casino
Surface: 2,000 m2
Year: 2007



  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
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